Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2022, Vol. 15, №2.

The Proceedings concentrate on the results of the scientific studies, which consider fundamental and applied problems of general and regional geology of Ukraine, lithology, marine geology, stratigraphy and paleogeography, search and geological researches. It is covered the wide spectrum of the current problems of lithology – from the general issues of the lithological studies history, theory of lithogenesis, modern methods of lithological studies, regional problems of lithology, facial and formation analyses, spreading of minerals in sedimentary basins, modern sedimentation and geoecology, peculiarities of technogenic lithogenesis to the lithological terminology.

For geologists, lithologists, specialists in marine geology, geochemistry, geology of oil and gas.