Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2011, Vol. 4.

The Proceedings concentrate on the latest results of applied and fundamental studies conducted at the Institute of Geological Sciences of the NAS of Ukraine. Areas of research covered in these papers include general and regional geology; lithology; geology of Ukraine and its mineral resources; geology of seas and oceans; paleontology and stratigraphy; hydrogeology; engineering geology; geoecology.

The Proceedings may be of interest to scientists, lecturers, postgraduate students and those interested in geological studies.

Generation of the generic flowchart of transformation, decoding and thematic interpretation of remote sensing data for geologic objectives solving
O.T. Azimov
p. 11 - 18
Ravine-beam systems Dnieper basin in Kyiv
O.M. Anatsky
p. 19 - 23
The geological monuments and criteria of evaluation
Yu. Bondar
p. 24 - 27
Formation accessory and creation stages of ore of ultrabasite massives of the Kapitanivske ore field
R.O. Bochevar
p. 28 - 34
Ichthyofauna of Tashlik Formation (Selandian) near Luzanovka (Cherkasy region)
A.V. Bratishko, N.I. Udovichenko
p. 35 - 38
Geological action of pore solutions in the conditions of diagenesis of sedimentary rocks
M.V. Bublias
p. 39 - 46
The ecological condition of the upper Cretaceous water horizon of Chervonograd mining region
H.М. Buchatska
p. 47 - 50
Carbonated (soda) mineral water genesis (Borzhomy and Polyana Kvasova type) of Ukrainian Karpaty
O.G. Volkonskiy, Yu.V. Kyrpach
p. 51 - 61
The influence of impounding processes development on dangerous geological processes activation in the limits of built-up territories
Yu.V. Zakharchuk, V.O. Slyadnev
p. 62 - 66
New data to paleontological described of Cenomanic sediments of the Kanev dislocation
Yu. V. Klimenko
p. 67 - 70
Paleosedimentological conditions of formation of the Oligocene deposits of north-western shelf of the Black Sea
G.V. Klyushyna
p. 71 - 74
Diorite-tonalite-plagiogranite formation of Volyn megablok of Ukrainian shield
O.M. Kostenkо
p. 75 - 87
Potable water chemical composition changes in Kyiv during exploitation
T.O. Koshliakova
p. 88 - 93
Changes of strength and deformation indexes of ground at dynamic loadings on built-up territories
T.V. Kril
p. 94 - 99
Discriminability of sporе-pollen, malacologic and microtheriologic methods at stratigraphic dismemberment of Pleistocene deposits (on example of Skala-Podil’ska section)
A.I. Krokhmal
p. 100 - 104
Senomanian orictocoenosis’ composition of North-West part of Volyn-Podillya (as example Mylyatyn open cast mine, Rivne region)
I.M. Maryash, Y.S. Kurepa
p. 105 - 109
Geological construction and tectonic regionalization pre-mesozoic formation of upper reaches to the Prypiat (sheets М-34-VI, М-35-І)
G.V. Melnychuk
p. 110 - 117
Subsurface contamination with petroleum products is a threat to groundwater quality
N. Ognianik, N. Paramonova, O. Shpak
p. 118 - 122
Cimmerian depositions of Bilosaraysk spit (Northern shore of Azov Sea)
O.V. Nepsha
p. 123 - 125
Current research status and possibilities of the use of therapeutic mud of the Black Sea
A.A. Nikitina
p. 126 - 129
The anisotropy effects in complicated tense-deformed conditions of Volyn-Podillya plate rock-collectors from the ultrasonic measurement results
Y.A. Onanko, G.T. Prodayvoda, S.A. Vyzhva, A.P. Onanko, A.V. Shabatura
p. 130 - 134
Geological structure of northern-western part of Volhynian-Podillian monocline by a new data
A.N. Polishchuk
p. 135 - 140
The infiltration recharge regime to groundwater at the Chernobyl «Red Forest» site
V. Saprykin, D.A. Bugai, A.S. Skalskyy, S.P. Dzhepo, N. Van Meir, Yu. Kubko, C. Simonucci
p. 141 - 151
Lithological peculiarities of the rock salt and red terrigenous formations of south-eastern part of the Dnieper-Donets Depression
S.M. Stadnichenko
p. 152 - 159
Methodology of GIS use for developing and analysis of geological features of halotectokinetic type saliferous formations
N.P. Siumar
p. 160 - 164
Typomorphic showings of native gold from alluvial sediments of South-Eastern part of the Ukrainian Carpathians
L.A. Figura
p. 165 - 168
Structural pattern of Michurinskoye uranium deposit as the indicator of kinematics Kirovograd fault zone of Ukrainian Shield
N.V. Shafranska
p. 169 - 173
Paleoecological end palaeogeographical situation in the Albian time on the territory of the Volyn–Podolii (on palynological data)
O.A. Shevchuk
p. 174 - 178
Geological composition of base and Precambrian sedimentary cover of the Podilskyi ledge
O.V. Yatsenko
p. 179 - 187