Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2013, Vol. 6, No. 1.

The collected articles materials show a paleontological component as a basis for solving problems concerning the stratigraphy of the Phanerozoic sediments of Ukraine. Some new materials are presented for the study of different groups of fauna and fl ora, increasing the validity of the stratons dating and their correlation with the units of the International stratigraphic scale. Some controversial issues of biostratigraphy are also considered and ways of their solution presented. The book materials represent a signifi cant contribution to the creation of the new-generation stratigraphic schemes of the Phanerozoic sediments.

The collected articles materials may be of interests to paleontologists, geologists, biologists, lecturers, postgraduate students.

General stages of the evolution of the inner structure of some Carboniferous spiriferid genera from Paleothetys
V.I. Poletaev
p. 11 - 16
Correlation of Ordovician and Silurian deposits of Podillia with same-ages formations of a djacent regions (by gastropod mollusk data)
A.Ya. Danyliv
p. 17 - 20
Modified conodont zonation of the moscovian stage of the donets basin
T.I. Nemyrovska
p. 21 - 27
The mid-carboniferous boundary in Donbass (by foraminifera and algae)
V.I. Efimenko
p. 28 - 38
Early Kasimovian conifers of the Donets Basin
N.I. Boyarina, A.G. Kovalenko
p. 39 - 43
Standartizated characteristic of Vestispora costata–Knoxisporites polygonalis palynozone from Carboniferous of Volyn-Podillia margin of the East-Europian platform
A.V. Ivanina
p. 44 - 49
The peculiarities of phytomass formation of the n8 coal bed from the mine No. 4 Velykomostivska of the Lviv-Volyn basin by the palynological data
E.I. Gonyk
p. 50 - 55
Complex paleontological ground of olistolites age in the White Tisa basin
R.I. Leshchukh, H.I. Hotsanyuk, Z.Z. Hevpa
p. 56 - 59
New findings lower jurassic belemnites in Pennine zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians
M.I. Mural
p. 60 - 64
Calcareous nannoplankton of Callovian of Ukraine
A.V. Matveyev, D.S. Bondarev
p. 65 - 67
Current status of the stratification and correlation of the Lower Cretaceous of Plain Crimea
Ya.M. Tuzyak
p. 68 - 74
Calcareous nannoplankton of aptian of Mountine Crimea
A.V. Matveyev
p. 75 - 79
Foraminiferal biostratigrafy of paleogene deposites of the Eastern Azov Region
Т.S. Ryabokon
p. 80 - 89
Stratigraphy, foraminiferal biozonal subdivision and sedimentary envirounments of the Paleocene-Eocene deposits of the Vezhan Nappe from the Inner Carpathians
S.R. Hnylko, O.M. Hnylko
p. 90 - 97
Neostratotype of «the Kaniv stage»
V.Yu. Zosimovich, T.V. Shevchenko, N.N. Tsyba
p. 98 - 110
Chiphragmalithus alatus zone (NP15) in the sediments of the Kyiv Regional Stage, N Ukraine
E.A. Solyanik
p. 111 - 115
New data about genus Burnhamia (Mobulidae, Elasmobranchii) from the Eocene of North Peri-Thetys
N.I. Udovichenko
p. 116 - 122
Fish Otolith associations from the Paleogene of Ukraine
A.V. Bratishko
p. 123 - 127
The age of glauconitic sands of Dnepropetrovsk
А.А. Berezovsky
p. 128 - 130
Eocene and Early Oligocene silicoflagellates and ebridians from the Ukraine
O.P. Olshtynska
p. 131 - 135
Oligocene stage of vegetation development of the southern part of Oligocene stage of vegetation development of the southern part of East-European paleofloristic provence (by data of spore-pollen analysis)
V.Y. Ochakovskij
p. 136 - 144
Basic Sporo-Pollan analisis concepts and their use in stratifying Upper Cenozoic deposits
O.A. Sirenko
p. 145 - 151
To the biostratigraphy of Tarchanian-Chokrakian deposits of the Crimean-Caucasian regions
Ts.D. Minashvili, G.D. Ananiashvili
p. 152 - 159
New data about the fossil ostracodes of the Panagia section (Taman peninsular, Middle-Upper Miocene)
N.I. Dykan
p. 160 - 163
Late Miocene (Turolian) mammal faunas of the south of European Russia
A.S. Tesakov, V.V. Titov, M.V. Sotnikova
p. 164 - 176
Foraminifera from Maeotian deposits of the Popov Kamen – Holodnaya Dolina sections, the Taman peninsula. Correlation with nannofossils and diatoms
J.V. Vernigorova, L.A. Golovina, E.P. Radiоnova
p. 177 - 189
Litologo-paleontologic characteristic of Upper Miocene deposits of Janysh-Takyl section (Kerch peninsula)
Yu.V. Rostovtseva, I.A. Goncharova
p. 190 - 196
The adaptations to the Late Pleistocene periglacial environment in occlusive surface of thу Novgorod-Sіversky graund squirrels
L.V. Popova
p. 197 - 202
Detailed stratigraphy and correlation of the Upper Pleistocene deposits of Belarus based on diatoms
S.V. Demidova
p. 203 - 210
Phytostratygraphical аnd palaeobotanical aspects of the palynology of the Pleistocene deposits of Ukraine in works by O.T. Аrtyushenko (devoted to her 100th anniversary)
L.G. Bezusko, O.A. Sirenko
p. 211 - 215
Palynological studies of Forest–Steppe zone Allered–Holocene deposits of Ukraine: palynostratygraphical and paleobotanical aspects
L.G. Bezusko
p. 216 - 222