Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2016, Vol. 9.

The Proceedings concentrate on the results of the scientific studies of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine, which consider fundamental and applied problems of general and regional geol¬ogy of Ukraine, lithology, geology of seas and oceans, stratigraphy.

It is covered the wide spectrum of the modern problems of lithology – from the general issues of the lithological studies history, theory of lithogenesis, modern methods of lithological studies, regional problems of lithology, facial and formation analyses, spreading of minerals in sedimentary basins, modern sedimentation and geoecology, peculiarities of technogenic lithogenesis to the lithological terminology.

For geologists, lithologists, specialists in marine geology, geochemistry, geology of oil and gas."

Exploration and Geoecological Researches
New exploratory technology and its adaptation to oil and gas facilities within impact structures in Ukraine
Igor D. Bagriy
p. 9 - 27
Spatio-temporal changes of the oil contamination by monitoring results
Ruslan B. Havryliuk, Yurii V. Zagorodniy
p. 28 - 35
Assessment of the impact of unsaturated zone contamination with residual petroleum products on groundwater
Olena M. Shpak
p. 36 - 39
Deep disposal the radioactive waste in boreholes
Liliana I. Petrenko
p. 40 - 47
Identification of heterogeneities in the upper part of geological medium with Ground penetrating radar VIY3-300
Anatolii P. Chernov, Roman P. Goliaka
p. 48 - 53
The features of natural purification of the geological environment from oil products
Olha I. Lohvynenko, AnnaV. Yedynach
p. 54 - 59
The disgharge of groundwater on slopes of river valleys and its impact on landslides development (using the example of the slide in Instytutskyi proriz, Poltava)
Serhii V. Bida, Olga V. Kuts
p. 60 - 66
Influence of engineering-geological conditions on safety working of a transport network at the traffic intensification
Tetiana V. Kril
p. 67 - 74
Peculiarities of the material component of atmospheric aerosol of Zaporizhzhya city
Evgen I. Nasedkin, Svitlana M. Stadnіchenko, Vitalii V. Permyakov, Ganna M. Ivanova
p. 75 - 82
Assessment of Complex Stress-Strain State of the Solotvyno Salt Anticline Structure (Basing on Technique of Natural Pulse Electromagnetic Field of the Earth)
Evgen O. Yakovlev, Stella B. Shekhunova, Maryna V. Aleksieienkova, Natalia P. Siumar
p. 83 - 96
Stratigraphy, paleogeography
Larger foraminifera biostratigraphy of the Paleocene and Eocene of platform Ukraine
Boris F. Zernetsky
p. 97 - 113
Directions actualizations of Stratigraphic Scheme of Oligocene deposits of the Northern Black Sea region and adjacent part of the Ukrainian shield
Tamara S. Ryabokon
p. 114 - 149
Palynology of marine black sands from the Yaroshivka Quarry, Ukraine – a contribution to Middle Eocene palaeogeography of Northern Ukraine
Przemysław Gedl, Tetiana V. Shevchenko
p. 150 - 158
Lithology, useful minerals
Correlation between groundwater composition and lithology of the Lower Permian sediments within Orchykivska Depression of the Dnipro-Donets Depression
Svitlana M. Stadnichenko, Natalia P. Syumar
p. 159 - 166
Geological genetic model of Torchynske apatite-ilmenite deposit (Korosten pluton)
Olga V. Yaremenko, Olena O. Remezova, Mykolay M. Komsky, Tetiana V. Okholina, Svitlana P. Vasylenko
p. 167 - 173
Geological and economic assessment and prospects of development of Rare Metals mineral resource base of Ukraine in the current economic conditions
Nataliya M. Cherniyenko
p. 174 - 182
Mechanism of placer formation in Krasnokutsk deposit area
Dmytro P. Khrushchov, Olena A. Kravchenko
p. 183 - 189
Nanotextures of Vendian and Alb-Cenomanian phosphates of the Neardnistria
Stella B. Shekhunova, Svitlana M. Stadnichenko, Volodymir M. Paliy, Vitalii V. Permyakov
p. 190 - 201
Cimmerian sandstone of the crimean continental slope
Igor N. Shuraiev
p. 202 - 208
Yurii Mykolaiovych Senkovskyi (20.04.1931 – 18.05.2016) p. 209 - 211