Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2014, Vol. 7.

The Proceedings concentrate on the results of the scientific studies of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine, which consider fundamental and applied problems of general and regional geol¬ogy of Ukraine, lithology, geology of seas and oceans, stratigraphy.

It is covered the wide spectrum of the modern problems of lithology – from the general issues of the lithological studies history, theory of lithogenesis, modern methods of lithological studies, regional problems of lithology, facial and formation analyses, spreading of minerals in sedimentary basins, modern sedimentation and geoecology, peculiarities of technogenic lithogenesis to the lithological terminology.

For geologists, lithologists, specialists in marine geology, geochemistry, geology of oil and gas."

Aspects of modern lithology: events and developments
Ye.F. Shnyukov, P.F. Gozhik, O.Yu. Mitropolsky, S.B. Shekhunova
p. 9 - 18
Sedimentary formations of Ukraine: peculiarities of composition, sedimentation models and lithogenesis
The psammites of the Upper Vendian and the Lower Cambrian on the south-western slope of the East-Evropean platform: lithological and geochemical features
T.M. Sokur
p. 19 - 27
Substantial composition of the deposits of the lower devonian red-colour-terrigehios formation in Volyn-Podillya
G.S. Kompanetz, M.S. Kovalchuk
p. 28 - 34
Identification of paleochannels in the Upper Moscovian sediments in the Central Part of the North Board of Dnieper-Donets Basin (according to seismic prospecting data)
p. 35 - 39
Connection of natural humidity of Donbas sandstones with the primary terms of sedimentation
K.A. Bezruchko
p. 40 - 47
The transformation of carbonic sandstone porosity of the Donbas
Y.V. Antipovich
p. 48 - 51
Lithological and hydrogeochemical features of the Lower Permian salt subformation of Slovyanska brachyanticline
M.V. Aleksieienkova
p. 52 - 63
Ultrastructures of Upper Jurassic micrites of Outer zone of the Carpathian Foredeep
M.V. Moroz, P.V. Moroz
p. 64 - 69
Carbonate microfacies of Upper Jurassic deposits in the West and South of Ukraine
O.V. Anikeyeva
p. 70 - 75
Sedimentary model of the Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous carbonate complex in the Ukrainian Precarpathians
N.M. Zhabina
p. 76 - 82
Development stages of Paleogene sedimentary basins of Northern Ukraine
V.Yu. Zosimovich, T.V. Shevchenko
p. 83 - 100
Questions studying of the Paleocene sedimentary complex of the Crimea and Kerch peninsula
B.F. Zernyetskiy, T.S. R yabokon, S.A. Lulyeva
p. 101 - 125
Lytho- and biofacies features of the Neogene deposits of the Kerch Peninsula
Yu.V. Vernyhorova
p. 126 - 171
The stone library in the Geological Museum – the key to maintaning the scientific heritage
K.I. Derevska, V.P. Grytsenko, K.V. Rudenko, M.N. Reshetnyk, H.V. Anfimova
p. 172 - 175
Sedimentary useful minerals
Salt resources of the Carpathian region of Ukraine: the problems of use and protection
D.P. Khrushchov, L.P. Bosevska, Yu.V. Kyrpach
p. 176 - 186
Gold mineralization of rudaceous rock Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians
L.A. Figura
p. 187 - 190
The lithological characteristics of Novopetrivska suite sand strata of Krasnokutsk titanium-zirconium deposit
O.A. Kravchenko
p. 191 - 197
Lithology of kimberlite pipe orfice of Camachia
Z.T. Candida da Costa
p. 198 - 202
Sobotovych Emlen Volodymyrovych (25.11.1927 – 10.03.2013) p. 203 - 205
Shulha Vytalii Fedorovych (22.02.1931 – 27.02.2013) p. 206 - 208