Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2017, Vol. 10.

History, state-of-the-art and prospects of stratigraphic and paleontological researches in Ukraine are presented. The Collection contains materials on museum affair, systematic various groups of fossil organisms, biostratigraphy of the Upper Precambrian and Phanerozoic of different regions of Ukraine and other territories. The interpretation and reconstruction of paleogeography and paleoecology of sedimentary basins are considered, problems of fossil organisms migration are touched upon. Discussion issues are also considered.

For paleontologists, stratigraphers, geologist, as well as biologists, teachers, graduate students and students.

Review of palaeophytosociological investigations of the late carboniferous vegetation in the Donets Basin
Nataliia I. Boyarina
p. 7 - 14
Ontogenetic changes of some late carboniferous ferns and pteridosperms of the Donets Basin
Nataliia I. Boyarina, Hanna H. Kovalenko
p. 15 - 20
Biostratigraphy of Turon-Coniacian sediments of the Northern outskirts of Donbas by foraminifers
Olena D. Veklych
p. 21 - 27
Phylogeny of Oxfordian Myophorella Bayle, 1878 from the north-western outskirts of Donbas
Kostiantyn V. Dykan
p. 28 - 36
Ostracods of post-crater sediments in the Boltysh impact structure (Ukrainian Shield)
Nataliia I. Dykan
p. 37 - 49
Algorithm for constructing of biochronological scales of the Pleistocene small mammals in the South of Eastern Europe
Oleksii I. Krokhmal
p. 50 - 60
Using of new methodical methods for micropaleontological studies of Oligocene deposits of the Southern Ukraine
Оleksandra P. Olshtynska, Tetiana A. Stefanska
p. 61 - 72
Spore-pollen characteristic of Oligocene amber-containing sediments of Ukrainian Polissy (new data)
Volodymyr Yu. Ochakovskyi
p. 73 - 84
New materials for the characteristics of vegetation and soils of the Lubny Stage of the Early Neopleistocene of Ukraine
Olena A. Sirenko, Zhanna M. Matviishyna, Serhii P. Doroshkevych
p. 85 - 94
PLanctonic biostratigraphy (foraminifera, nannoplancton, dinocysts) of Paleogene deposits oil and gas bearing provinces of Ukraine
Aida S. Andreeva-Gryhorovych, Ninel V. Maslun, Mykhailo M. Ivanik, Daniel D. Waga, Nataliia M. Zhabina, Svitlana R. Hnylko, Iryna S. Suprun, Liudmyla G. Mintuzova
p. 95 - 114
On Vendian – Early Paleozoic fossils diversity in Podillia
Volodymyr P. Grytsenko
p. 115 - 123
Paleozoic conodont studies in Ukraine
Tamara I. Nemyrovska
p. 124 - 136