Collection of scientific works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of Scientific Works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2015, Vol. 8.

The Proceedings concentrate on the results of the scientific studies of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine, which consider fundamental and applied problems of general and regional geol¬ogy of Ukraine, lithology, geology of seas and oceans, stratigraphy.

It is covered the wide spectrum of the modern problems of lithology – from the general issues of the lithological studies history, theory of lithogenesis, modern methods of lithological studies, regional problems of lithology, facial and formation analyses, spreading of minerals in sedimentary basins, modern sedimentation and geoecology, peculiarities of technogenic lithogenesis to the lithological terminology.

For geologists, lithologists, specialists in marine geology, geochemistry, geology of oil and gas."

Рaleooceanography and paleosedimentogenesis
Geological- and chemical-paleooceanographic aspects of sedimentogenesis of the Сarpathian-Black Sea segment of Tethys ocean
Y.M. Senkovsky, K.G. Grigorchuk, V.P. Gnidets, Y.V. Koltun, I.T. Popp, N.Y. Radkovets
p. 11 - 16
Changes in the depositional environment of Northwestern shelf of the Black Sea during late Pleistocene-Holocene
N.V. Tyuleneva
p. 17 - 23
Geological-paleooceanographic environments of the Lower Majkop deposits of Azov-Kerch region
V.P. Gnidets, A.O. Rever (Andriyasheva)
p. 24 - 31
Questions studying of the Eocene sedimentary complex of the Crimea and Kerch peninsula
B.F. Zernyetskiy, T.S. Ryabokon, S.A. Lulyeva
p. 32 - 62
Geological paleooceanography of Early Eocene sedimentary complex of Tethys Black sea segment
V.B. Rever
p. 63 - 67
Paleogene deposits of the Northern Ukraine paleosedimentary province
V.Yu. Zosimovich, T.V. Shevchenko
p. 68 - 121
Rhythmicity of Late Cretaceous carbonate sedimentation in the Black Sea northwestern shelf
I.I. Ishchenko
p. 122 - 125
Geological paleoceanography of Fore-Dobrudja segment of Tethys in Devonian
L.B. Koshil, V.P. Gnidets, K.H. Gryhorchuk
p. 126 - 131
Some current problems of lithology
V.A. Baranov
p. 132 - 138
Modern sedimentogenesis
Regularities of formation of nickel content in the composition of sedimentary flows
O.Yu. Mytropolskiy, Ye.I. Nasedkin, G.M. Ivanova, S.M. Dovbysh, G.O. Nikitina, S.G. Fedoseyenkov
p. 139 - 144
The lithological conditions of fine gold accumulation in the recent chernomorian sediments of the Black Sea
N.A. Fedoronchuk
p. 145 - 151
Influence of wind intensity and direction on characteristics of Aeolian flows in the coastal zone
Ye.I. Nasedkin
p. 152 - 157
Ferromanganese ore forming processes in the Indian Ocean as a characteristic feature of oceanic sedimentogenesis
I.A. Suchkov
p. 158 - 164
Modern mineral formation in exogenous systems of Crimean Peninsula
V.A. Nesterovskiy, M.A. Deiak
p. 165 - 172
Grain composition of the Odessa sand beaches, its changes as a result of beach renourishment and influence on biota
N.A. Fedoronchuk, А.А. Snigirova, I.A. Suchkov
p. 173 - 180
Raw material of sedimentary formations and aspects of their usage
Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian anticlines of Dnieper-Donets Depression as potential tight gas reservoirs
G.O. Kashuba, I.V. Karpenko, V.G. Kolisnichenko, B.I. Lelyk
p. 181 - 189
Integrasion of litological and tectonic information for the decision of tasks of searching problems on an oil and gas
T.A. Melnichenko
p. 190 - 197
Gas potential of the shale and tight arenaceous rocks of the lower carboniferous sequence, northwestern part of the Dnieper-Donets basin
K.K. Filyushkin
p. 198 - 205
Lithofacies analysis to predict unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations in the Lower Visean carbonate sequence of the Dnieper-Donets graben
S.G. Vakarchuk
p. 206 - 211
The new data about genesis of tin placers in the north-western part of the Ukrainian shield
L.S. Galetskiy, О.О. Remezova, N.М. Cherniyenkо, О.V. Yaremenkо, L.S. Kovryzhenko
p. 212 - 220
Lithological and hydrogeochemical features of the Lower Permian salt subformation of Slovyanska brachyanticline
M.V. Aleksieienkova
p. 221 - 232
The integrated geological model of Solotvynо structure as a tool to assess geoecological sustainability of Solotvyno rocksalt deposit
S.B. Shekhunova, M .V. Aleksieienkova, S.M. Stadnichenko, N.P. Siumar
p. 233 - 250
Hystory of Lithology
Lohvynenko Mykola Vasylovych (14.10.1914–17.06.1998) p. 251 - 255