Collection of Scientific Works of
the Institute of Geological Sciences
NAS of Ukraine

Collection of scientific works of the Institute of Geological Sciences NAS of Ukraine. 2012, Vol. 5.

The volume presents the results of scientific research addressing both fundamental and applied issues of general and regional geology, lithology, marine geology, and stratigraphy. It covers a wide range of modern studies in lithology – from general issues of lithological studies history, the theory of lithogenesis, current methods of lithological studies, regional aspects of lithology, facial and formation analyses, the distribution of minerals in sedimentary basins to modern sedimentation, geoecology and pecularities of technogenic lithogenesis.

Aspects of modern lithology: events, current issues and perspectives
E.F. Shnyukov, P.F. Gozhik, A.Yu. Mitropolskiy, S.B. Shekhunova
p. 17 - 26
General and regional issues of lithology
Sedimentological conditions of formation of the Paleocene deposits of shelf and continental slope of the Black Sea
G.V. Kliushyna
p. 27 - 33
Dіатоms in Holocene sediments of the Karkinitskyi bay coastal part, the Black Sea
O.P. Olshtynska, Yu.A. Tymchenko
p. 34 - 40
Holocene bottom sediments thickness variation in the Northwestern Black Sea Shelf
N.V. Tyuleneva, I.A. Suchkov
p. 41 - 47
Unusual black sands in the recent beach sediments of Kalamitskyi Bay
V.A. Nesterovskyi, K.O. Korychenskyi
p. 48 - 51
New data of Eocene deposits of the north-western Black Sea shelf
V.B. Rever
p. 52 - 57
Ore crusts of northern submarine mountains of the Emperor Ridge (Pacific ocean)
A.V. Omelchuk
p. 58 - 63
The Indian Ocean ferromanganese formations mineralogical composition variety in connection with their origin
I.A. Suchkov
p. 64 - 72
Lithologic composition of hard extrass of hills of Bulganatsky mud volcano
V.A. Nesterovskiy, N.O. Titova
p. 73 - 77
Role of litho-facial and biostratigraphic criterions in modernization and detalization of current stratigraphical scheme of Lower Cretaceous of Crimea Plain
Ya.M. Tuzyak
p. 78 - 84
Lithology and gold content of the Lower Cretaceous continental deposits of the Kanivsky Displacements region
M.S. Koval’chuk, L.A. Figura, Y.V. Kroshko
p. 85 - 88
Sedimentological features of the Cretaceous-Eocene multi-colored horizons Skybova stuctural-facial zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians
L.V. Generalova, O.V. Kostyuk
p. 89 - 94
Lithogenetical features of yaremchansky horizon deposits (Skybova zone of Ukrainian Carpathians)
K.I. Derevska, O.V. Kostiuk
p. 95 - 98
Copper-bearing of the Upper-Jurassic red-colour-terrigenios subformation of the Near-Dobrudgian depression
G.S. Kompanetz, M.S. Kovalchuk, L.I. Konstantinenko, O.Yu. Schestakov, L.A. Figura
p. 99 - 105
Lithofacial characteristics of Bakhmut Depression Upper and Middle Carboniferous sediments (on the example of Artemovskaya-1 well core analysis)
V.V. Makogon, V.T. Kryvosheev, O.V. Pekelna
p. 106 - 110
Polyhalite in Miocene halogenic formations of Carpathian foredeep
U.V. Sadovy, U.U. Sadovy
p. 111 - 117
Variability of the weathering crust on the tectonic structures within Northwestern Ukrainian Shield
G.A. Kuzmanenko
p. 118 - 122
Geological and lithological peculiarities of Devonian upper Fran salt formation of Dnipro-Donets Depression
N.P. Syumar
p. 123 - 129
Age and Composition of Detrital Monazite from Deposits of Vendian and Lower Paleozoic of Podolian Transnistria
A.A. Andreiev, O.V. Zinchenko, A.V. Andreiev, L.I. Konstantinenko, S.P. Savenok, E.A. Hlon, I.I. Ashyrova
p. 130 - 137
Petrochemical diagnostics of volcanogenic rocks of the Upper Proterozoic on the south-western slope of East-European platform
Т.М. Sokur
p. 138 - 142
Sedimentary Formations: useful minerals in them and potential storage spaces
Viséan siliceous rocks of USA and Ukraine: distribution, genesis, oil and gas content
V.V. Ogar
p. 143 - 151
Types of Devonian carbonate reservoirs at western slope of Ukrainian Shield
S.G. Vakarchuk, N.A. Danyshurka, I.A. Orach
p. 152 - 158
Halocatagenesis of the Rock Salt and Terrigenious Lower Permian Formations of the Dnipro-Donets Depression Central and South-Eastern Parts
S.M. Stadnichenko
p. 159 - 173
Stratigraphic affinity, lithological characteristics and territorial prevalence of Paleozoic sediments perspective for unconventional gas exploration in the Eastern Ukraine
S.G. Vakarchuk, T.I. Dovzhok, K.K. Filyushkin, A.M. Vertyukh
p. 174 - 178
Lithological-facies composition of the Cambrian complex of the Volyn-Podillya area in connection with prospecting for nontraditional hydrocarbon traps
I.O. Honyk
p. 179 - 186
Mineral resources of Miocene of Volyn-Podillia region
O.V. Usminska
p. 187 - 192
The Role of sedimentary-paleogeomorphologic criteria in forecast of petroleum potential Upper –Tulian terrigenous complex of Dnieper-Donetsk depression
P.M. Korzhnev, O.D. Naumenko, V.P. Stryzhak
p. 193 - 199
Lithologic-facial and palynological description of Buzhanska suite of Lviv-Volyn basin
А.V. Ivanina, E.I. Gonyk
p. 200 - 205
Peculiarities of coal seam l3 structure in the Krasnoarmeysky coal-mining district, Donets basin
N.V. Vergelska
p. 206 - 208
Beach placers of the ilmenite on the front Azov Sea (Urzuf village)
M.S. Koval’chuk
p. 209 - 212
Geological structure peculiarities and ore mineralization of Zlobichi ilmenite deposit
T. Svivalneva
p. 213 - 218
Fine terrigenous and authigenous gold in marine sediments
N.A. Fedoronchuk, I.A. Suchkov
p. 219 - 226
Lithology and decorative properties of Velykо-Kuzhelevsky manifestation of carbonate onyx in Volyn-Podilia
I.J. Ostrianska, V.A. Nesterovskyi
p. 227 - 230
Opportunities of CO2 capture and storage in the Paleozoic sediments of Donbass
N.V. Zhikalyak, V.V. Osetrov, N.S. Shestavin
p. 231 - 239
Geological environment peculiarities and granulometric composition of Hnylets man-made caves sediments (Tserkovshchina Dell)
Yu.M. Selivachova, S.M. Stadnichenko
p. 240 - 244
Lithological features and related environmental aspects of rock salt deposits developing by underground leaching (Verkhniy Strutyn and Slovyansk fields)
S.B. Shehunova, N.V. Alyeksyeyenkova
p. 245 - 253
Impact of natural electric currents and micro-geodynamic processes on the lithogenesis of covering deposits
M.V. Bublias, V.M. Bublias
p. 254 - 259
Innovation informational geological technologies in litological investigation
V.Ye. Goncharov, I.N. Babko, А.N. Kalenskaya, L.R. Savelyeva
p. 260 - 266
Mechanic effect of the living organizms for the sedimentology formation and geochemical situation of the mineral genesis
M.D. Petryniak, O.M. Cheremisska, Yu.V. Cheremissky
p. 267 - 270
Ivan Illich Chebanenko p. 271 - 272
Vladimir Nikolayevich Semenenko p. 273 - 274
Eugene Pavlovich Larchenkov p. 275
Nikolai Pavlovich Jushkin p. 276
Victor Nikolayevich Dublyansky p. 277
Tkachuk Lukyan Grigoryevich (On the 110-year-old Jubilee) p. 278